Dr. Leif Schröder
phone +49 30 94793 121
Leibniz-Institut für
Pharmakologie im Forschungsverbund
Berlin e.V. (FMP)
Campus Berlin-Buch
Robert-Roessle-Str. 10
13125 Berlin, Germany
+4930 94793 - 100
+4930 94793 - 109

phone +49 30 94793 121
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In vivo NMR Imaging [more]
Caged Xenon in Phospholipid Membrane Environments [more]

Xenon Biosensor HyperCEST MRI [more]
HyperCEST Imaging [more]
CEST MRI [more]

Improved Production of Laser-Polarized Xenon [more]
Molecular Sensor for NMR/MRI Based on Analyte-Dependent Spectral Changes of Temporarily Encapsulated Hyper-polarized 129Xe  [more]

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